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Research and Readings

2014: Inventory of Wildlife, Ecological and Landscape Coonectivity Values, Tsilhqot'in First Nations Cultural/Heritage Values and Resource Conflicts in Dasoqox-Taseko Watershed, B.C. Chilcotin (Wayne MCrory P.Eng., with cultural heritage research by Linda Smith MSc and Alice William)
"Tribal Park designation....should be considered as a further declaration of First Nations protection..."

2013:  Road Upgrades and Maintenance  Review.  A study prepared for FONV showing that the costs to taxpayers for road upgrades and maintenance could amount to over $42 million.

2012:  First Nations, Rednecks, and Radicals: Re-thinking the Sides of Resource Conflict in Rural British Columbia (Jane Wellburn, M.A. Thesis)

"In 2010 the lands of the Cariboo-Chilcotin became a site of contestation and collaboration. Through media coverage of a Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Review Panel process sources were quick to frame the issue (a potential goldcopper mine and the destruction of a lake in Tsilhqot’in territories) as one between First Nations and development, with 'development' taken as an unquestioned tenet of non-Aboriginal interest. The polarization visible in the media obscured on-the-ground efforts of First Nations and non-Aboriginal people alike to support each other in opposition to this project; a collaboration that saw the application ultimately rejected by the federal government."

2013: Wayne McCrory's notes on oral presentation to the Federal Panel Hearings into Taseko Mines' proposed New Prosperity Mine.  "My conclusion:  Strongly disagree with Taseko EIS that no significant effects on wildlife, including grizzly bears.  There will be adverse effects on grizzly bears in an already stressed ecosystem - with virtually no government ability for mitigation."

2013: Following papers were funded by and prepared and presented to the independent CEAA Panel hearings re the proposed "New Prosperity" open-pit gold and copper mine on behalf of the Friends of the Nemaiah Valley:

Final Report filed by Wayne McCrory, RPBio, to Federal Review Panel on Taseko Mines' proposed New Prosperity Mine on impact to Grizzly Bears: " terms of reliance on mitigation and cooperative monitoring measures with the province, including a Grizzly Bear Mortality Risk Reduction Plan that will be devised within 6 months if the mine is approved, this also represents a continuum of misclaims by Taseko of insignificant adverse impacts on grizzly bears and proposed mitigation measures that have been not been proven to be effective with respect to identified significant adverse cumulative environmental effects on grizzly bears from traffic mortality."

Cultural and Social-Ecological Significance of the Region Surrounding Teztan Biny.  Dr. Jonaki Bhattacharyya

Cumulative Impact, Watershed Values and Sustainability.  Dr. Karen Hurley

Potential Costs to Public Road System from Truck Transport of Mine Concentrate.  Don MacKinnon, P.Eng

Impact Of New Prosperity Mine on Aboriginal Title and the Duty to Consult.  Dr Marc Pinkoski

Xeni Gwet'in FNG Development Vision and the Implications of New Prosperity Mine.  John Lerner

And here are the Friends of the Nemaiah Valley Closing Remarks made to the panel on the final day of the hearings.

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