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Nenduwh Jid Guzitin Declaration

Nemiah Aboriginal Wilderness Preserve

Let it be known that:

Within the Nemiah Aboriginal Wilderness Preserve:

  • There shall be no commercial logging. Only local cutting of trees for our own needs. i.e.firewood, housing, fencing, native uses, etc.
  • There shall be no mining or mining explorations.
  • There shall be no commercial road building.
  • All terrain vehicles and skidoos shall only be permitted for trapping purposes.
  • There shall be no flooding or dam construction on Chilko, Taseko, and Tatlayoko Lakes.
  • This is the spiritual and economic homeland of our people. We will continue in perpetuity:
    • To have and exercise our traditional rights of hunting, fishing, trapping, gathering, and natural resources.
    • To carry on our traditional ranching way of life.
    • To practice our traditional native medicine, religion, sacred, and spiritual ways.
  • That we are prepared to SHARE our Nemiah Aboriginal Wilderness Preserve with non-natives in the following ways:
    • With our permission visitors may come and view and photograph our beautiful land.
    • We will issue permits, subject to our conservation rules, for hunting and fishing within our Preserve.
    • The respectful use of our Preserve by canoeists, hikers, light campers, and other visitors is encouraged subject to our system of permits.
  • We are prepared to enforce and defend our Aboriginal rights in any way we are able.
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